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Quick & Easy Kitchen Update with Farmhouse Sconces

Quick & Easy Kitchen Update with Farmhouse Sconces

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This is going to make your day - I promise! I've been going through our house room by room trying to define the areas I want to update and improve. Disclaimer: This is a process that NEVER stops in my house. High at the top of the list right now is our kitchen. It's become such a high traffic area that sometimes doesn't get the love it deserves so I've been trying to find ways to elevate our kitchen while keeping it functional.

I've been finding a lot of inspiration from amazing women I follow on Instagram and one of them is Brooke Christen of Nesting with Grace. She recently posted an update to her shed and referred to her 'Magic Light Trick'. It was a cute little sconce mounted to her adorable outdoor shed. I thought to myself - ugh I'd love to have sconces in the house but the hubby will groan about hard-wiring them. But I thought I'd peruse her post anyway.

Low and behold - MAGIC! No hard wiring necessary! If you can use a drill - you can hang a sconce. I'll let you wander over to her site for the details (link is at the bottom) but below is how we used this trick in our kitchen.


We've needed some lighting over our sink for quite some time. At one point we had wired puck lighting for under our cabinets and over the sink but after replacing the 'transformer' (forgive me if this is the wrong term - it probably is but I'm a mom of a boy so - hey) twice we gave up fixing them. 

Fast forward to Saturday night when I was scrolling through Insta and came across this genius hack. I ordered these sconces from Amazon. They don't come assembled but they are fairly easy to put together. It took me about 5 minutes per light. 


These are the lights Brooke suggested so I gave them a shot. I ordered the 6 pack with remote and let me tell you that thing is slick! They are battery powered, dimmable and complete with a timer feature. Perfect for those hours before bed when you need a little light but don't want the lights running full blast or for hours on end. The brightness is on the cooler side but not so icy that it looks unnatural. I'm 100% happy with them 24 hours in. 

I used floral wire to secure the puck light to the sconce, mounted the sconce to the side of our cupboards and voila. LET THERE BE CHEAP AND EASY LIGHTING! 

Here is the link to Nesting With Grace's 'Magic Light Trick'. 

Happy sconcing!

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