New Year - New Location

I don't know about you but 2018 was quite a year. Exactly 11 months ago today, I turned 30, listened to an inspiring audiobook, and had the hair brained idea to open a boutique in the back of a Fed Ex truck. 

Fast forward to today and we've held nearly 10 events, visited 3 communities, 2 states, and met so many amazing people. To be honest, the process has been overwhelming in a great way. This fall I took a step back to breathe and figure out where to hit the gas, and where to pump the brakes...and I don't mean in the truck. We've been quiet but contemplative the last few months. 

I've loved opening the truck to you all but there are definitely challenges to running a mobile boutique. Weather is a big one. We live in the Midwest and winters are so darn cold. The truck just doesn't keep heat in and so she is hibernating for the winter. But the Mercantile isn't!

We will be open this winter at 106 1/2 State Street. If you are familiar with Bellevue, this building was once home to Carousel Corner and most recently The Parlours (fellow Bellevue #GirlBosses.) 

The schedule will be similar - open select weekends and possibly a week night here and there. We will also start holding more fun events - like our Candle Making Class.

We are so darn excited and have a lot of work to do but keep an eye out for announcements on when we are opening. We can't wait to show you what we have 'in-store'!

- Taylor

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